Filling Manufacturing and Co-Packing

As your filling co-packer, we will work with you to ensure we add value to your production while maintaining the quality of your recipe. Our team works to ensure the right flavor profile, smooth texture, strong ingredient margins, and maintaining consistency across all parts of the filling manufacturing process.

Filling Flavors

We can manufacture a range of dessert fillings in a number of categories including nut fillings, liqueur filling, and common spices.

Our filling flavor profile and range of options include:

  • Nut Fillings including hazelnut, almonds, or pistachios in a smooth and creamy texture.
  • Fillings or Ganaches that provide a rich base or styles of caramels.
  • Liqueur Fillings that can include a sophisticated taste of rum, brandy, or whisky.
  • Spices or flavor favorites such as cinnamon, vanilla, mint, or rosemary that can provide depth and complexity.

To learn more about our filling capabilities, contact us below.