Entrepreneurial at heart, Apex is motivated to find solutions to commercialize and scale exceptional brands. With the capacity to produce, pack and ship trailer loads of volume, we are searching for the right product and brand to partner with for growth. We prefer to be involved as an equity owner that handles and engages in the operational side of a business. The following is the process we take to evaluate and consider new opportunities.

Step 1 – Opportunity Assessment

The first step is to assess and determine whether Apex can help you reach your objectives. Do you have the need for an established, high volume production facility that can service your growing sales volume? Apex may be the solution provider you have been looking for.

Step 2 – Due Diligence

Once an initial fit is determined, we are ready to explore how we can add value to your company. If your production constraints are limiting your sales opportunity, we will investigate how our facility and expertise can solve your problems. We are creative and innovative, regularly exploring partnership options from manufacturing agreements to co-packing agreements. We will only proceed if there is a clear path for us to add value to your operation.

Step 3 – Deal Structure

At this stage, we establish the next steps with an agreement on the specifics of our partnership. Terms are drafted and we begin the engagement.

Step 4 – Trial Production (where applicable)

This stage ensures consistency at a bench top scale and larger scale before moving to full production. Once product specifications are completed, preliminary pricing is approved, where applicable, and the first plant trial scale-up is scheduled. After the first trial, plant trial scale-up is evaluated for approval before final review and full production is planned.

Step 5 – Full Production

In the final stage of the process, whether we have a manufacturing agreement or have completed a deal, we ensure we are ready for full execution, commercialization, and ongoing production.

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