Product Development

Innovative recipe creation. Apex works with clients to reduce back-of-house pain points, discovering recipes, and finding solutions to commercialize and scale chef creations. With an experienced team and a proven track record, Apex Food Source has a dedicated Product Development and Innovation department to help you create a variety food products at scale.

Made-to-order is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you’re re-creating existing client recipes or creating new recipes and product formulations with our extensive library of non-proprietary recipes, Apex gives you flexibility.

Step 1 - Opportunity Assessment

What type of product are you developing? The first step is to assess and determine whether Apex can help you reach your objectives. Apex ensures full understanding of your needs as a customer, then discovers whether your goals meet our capabilities so that we can be confident we’re finding the right solution for you.

Step 2 - Specification and Planning

Once a fit is determined, we’re ready to get started with planning the development of your product. If you plan on replicating a product, Apex begins by analyzing your sample to ensure an exact breakdown of all ingredients. If it’s the commercialization of an idea, concept, or existing back of house practice, Apex can work with your team to create an industrial recipe at commercial scale.

Step 3 - Product Design

At this stage, Apex moves to Benchtop Sample Development, designing or reverse engineering your sample. Next, a Preliminary Costing Exercise will be conducted, in combination with sample evaluation, customer approval or re-formulation, micro testing and shelf life validation. Everything needed for refinements prior to trial production.

Step 4 - Trial Production

This stage ensures consistency at larger scale before moving to full production. Once product specifications are completed, preliminary pricing is approved and the first plant trial scale-up is scheduled. After the first trial, plant trial scale-up is sent for customer approval before final review and full production.

Step 5 - Full Production

In the final stage of the process, Apex delivers the food solution to you or distribution partner. As perfection is an ongoing process, periodically, you may choose to make further refinements to your product. Apex will be there to assist with any necessary modifications.